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"Stichting Geestelijk
Wetenschappelijk Genootschap"
"Do you sense how life is eternal? That you are on earth to develop spiritually? That life is indestructible, but that you live forever, yes, you will live eternally."

Essence of the teachings
A few teasers from my understanding, still "under construction". Of course best check for yourself at the source...
  • Human life and human spirit has evolved from an embryonic cell state, through a number of eras (or grades) of increasing densification into the current state on Earth, while continuously reincarnating.
  • Minerals, plants and animal life have evolved from the dead cells of human life. 
  • In the current state on earth, the human spirit has evolved 'from the jungle', with a history of murder, rape and cannibalism, and has thus generated a large karmic debt. By nature's law, every life taken must be compensated by providing new life. Therefore motherhood and giving birth could be considered the highest calling on earth. New souls on earth still enter the plane 'through the jungle'.
  • Physical diseases have appeared over time due to the mating of humans with bodies of different grades of evolution.
  • Suicide, euthanasia and conscious reckless behavior leading to early death, create a terrible state of suffering in which the soul remains consciously bound to the decaying body for as long as it's life would have originally lasted, before being able to continue it's path in the hereafter.
  • Incarnation takes place in alternating cycles of male and female incarnations. Feelings of homosexuality can occur after an alteration and can thus be considered a more or less natural consequence, and also an experience every spirit will go through in it's evolution.
  • In the same way mental illness is a natural and unavoidable phase in the evolution of the spirit.
  • Depending of the spiritual attunement of a person, after death the human spirit leaves the body and goes back to the world of the unconsciousness awaiting new birth, or it goes to a sphere of darkness or a sphere of light.
  • Over time, the hereafter has evolved following different levels of consciousness of the spirits coming into the astral planes after life. The lower consciousness levels, called 'hells', are barren dark spheres in which the lower inclinations run around wildly. The higher consciousness spheres, which could be called 'heavens', are light levels characterized by abundant life and harmony. The average state of development of the human souls is currently a bit in the middle, in the "land of twilight"; here the life of feeling of the human being who is on the way to the first sphere of light awakens. After the seventh sphere of light people pass on to the mental regions in order to reincarnate on the next planet.
  • In the children spheres children who died young (up to around 14 years of age) grow to the universal love.
  • The spirits in the hereafter can, and often do, interfere in human life on earth. Interference can vary from possession and arousing and sustaining all kinds of lower tendencies and addictions in order to drain energy, to helping and supporting higher feelings and thoughts. The first forms of love have actually evolved from wanting to protect the subjects under one's influence from the astral plane, leading to the discovery that this led to a change in the astral environment, followed by further investigation of the phenomenon. Evolved spirits descend from higher levels to the hell levels and earth plane trying to raise consciousness of the spirits who are open to this, in order to help the evolution of mankind.
  • Even the highest developed spirits no longer living on the earth plane, including Christ himself, have gone through this evolution. Jesus was the first human being to reach The All.
  • The experiences in life on earth and in the hereafter grow consciousness and create evolution for the soul. It is important in life to sustain a loving and harmonious attitude, not to be drawn in hateful and violent behavior.
  • Worst aspect of current day religions is the idea of sin and doom, as opposed to the reality that God is all embracing love. Also the idea of God supporting or blessing any form of violence or war and murder is completely inconceivable - it is all human our own human behavior and creation. Same goes for the idea of the Immaculate Conception: it does not fit any natural law and must therefore be rejected.
  • Depending on the state of consciousness, cremation can cause terrible shock and suffering for the deceased person. Generally it is better to choose for burial.

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