Mirin Dajo

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"I am not an artist, but a prophet. If you believe in God, your will can dominate your body. People wouldn't believe me if I started to talk. But after seeing my invulnerability they will."

Mirin Dajo - The invulnerable prophet

Mirin Dajo was born in 1912 in the Netherlands as Arnold Gerrit Henskes. The first records of Dajo come from 1947 when he allowed an assistant to plunge a fencing foil right through his body at the Corso Theatre in Zurich, Mirin. The foil appeared to have pieced several vital organs, but Dajo was unharmed. People were terrified, but intrigued by what they saw. Mirin was forced to undergo many medical tests and to perform his act for baffled doctors. After x-ray tests were conducted, the legitimacy of his abilities was confirmed by the medical community. It could not be explained by any physician.

Essence of the teachings
I think Mirin Dajo is the perfect example of someone who followed in Gurdieff's words 'The way of the Faqir".
In his own view, Mirin Dajo was a man with a mission, which involved preaching to the world that they should abandon their materialistic ways. His conviction was that materialism only resulted in misery and war.
He preached that there was a higher force, the Source (or God) which was working through him, and which had given him this invulnerability, as a clear sign that something greater was out there. According to his assistant Jan Dirk de Groot, Mirin Dajo had several "guardian angels" that advised him on what to do, i.e. what specific tests he had to subject his body to.
Dajo himself said that the weapons he used to pierce himself did not go through him, but that he went through the weapon. There was a division of his body, whereby the area through which it went became “lighter”, “less physical” and hence the body did not get injured, as there was nothing “solid” to injure. De Groot claims that during one test, Dajo actually became physically invisible and remained so until his emotions took the better of him and he “materialised”, naked, in the middle of winter, on a beach where several people were walking and saw him totally naked, before Dajo quickly put back on his clothes.

Perhaps what Mirin Dajo was really teaching us, is that the world we live in is in fact not real, not true, and certainly not what we think it is...


Social media...
Although I do agree with some statements and examples in following videos, about more or less comparable accounts of people and animals surviving apparently heavy injury, I do not fully agree with the conclusions towards Mirin Dajo, because I think these neglect the demonstrations he gave on several occasions under medical supervision. Anyway they are worth a look:

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